Who We Are:

The Palestinian Bible Society (PBS) is a national office of the United Bible Societies (UBS) and was established in 1993, though the work originally started in the Holy Land in 1816. PBS is an inter-confessional Christian Society committed to making the Word of God available to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Specifically, PBS works and partners with all the various Christian churches and denominations, but also covers all sectors and areas of the Palestinian community. PBS is also involved with different community development organizations and other Christian relief groups.

What We Do:

  • Meeting the needs of churches and Christian groups for Bibles and Biblical literature.
  • Making the Bible available to all people and helping them to understand it.
  • Making the Bible available through all possible avenues within society.
  • Showing our historical and cultural heritage from the Bible through the use of different media and art channels, and Bible Advocacy programs.Promoting the importance and relevance of the Bible for the respect of human life in a conflict-stricken country.
  • Holistically serving the needs of local communities through our partnerships with local and international Christian humanitarian organizations, covering physical, emotional, spiritual and social ministry areas.Hosting community development projects in different areas of the West Bank.
  • Working within all sectors of society, including: young people, university students, children, marginalized and unprivileged communities, local libraries, book fairs, lectures and summer camps.